Ann Ewan: Fantasy Author
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The Ewan site

Welcome to the Ewan site. Since putting up this site, we have found that a lot of people share the name Ewan (both as a first name and as a surname)!

This is the home site for Sufficiently Advanced Technology Inc, which also runs the Esmerel web site

New fantasy book

Ann Ewan's second fantasy book, Brondings' Honour, is out, and there will soon be a sequel! Here's a link to Ann's books, Brondings' Honour and Firedrake, and another link to Ann's upcoming events.

Censorship on Virgin radio?

Just a question really, but no one at the radio station answered our email so we wrote this page about Virgin taking over Mix99.9.

Spam problems

We're having trouble with spam, and have put together a page of proposed solutions.

Does your credit card company like you?

Or do they penalize you for using your card? Watch out for the tricks they use.

Would you like a Coke, or a Pepsi? Not everyone gives you a choice. Read about our experience with Ontario Provincial Parks.

To contact us, write to ewans (at ewan dot com).